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                  Home >> OPC2SMS


                             Product Model:  O2S-Softkey, O2S-USBkey

                             Working principle:

                            Install this software on the OPC server computer, read the data of OPC server through "OPC2SMS", for OPC-DA server, you can set alarm information according to the collected data; for the OPC-AE server, you can directly receive the alarm information. Then, the GPRS Modem is sent to the user's mobile phone, or sent to the set mailbox through the network, and can also be broadcast through the speaker voice.


                            Application domain:

                            -Solve the Metasys configuration software access to OPC server
                            -Solve the Bactalk BAS system Alerton company access to the OPC server

                            -Solve SIEMENS Insight configuration software to access the OPC server
                            -Solve the “Hysine BA management system” viewlogic software to access the OPC serve
                            -Solve the ALC company's software access to the OPC server
                            -Solve the Honeywell configuration software EBI or Niagara without OPC interface to access the OPC server etc.



                            Operating environment:

                            OS: Windows XP/2000/2003/Win, Server, 2003/Win, Server2008/Win,Vista , Win 7/Win8/Win10 etc.


                            Software Features:

                            -Green free installation, support in Chinese and English;
                            -Support read OPC server to SMS SMS alarm server;
                            -Support linear conversion, take bit;
                            -Support import and export EXCEL, match point faster, more convenient;
                            -O2S-USBKey encryption dog authorization, plug and play; O2S-Softkey soft authorization, easy to use;
                            -Software OPC2SMS is configurable, easy to operate, stable and reliable, and can edit the contents of the alarm freely.


                            Application Principle Diagram:



                           OPC2SMS Product Series: 



                  If you need to develop a non-standard protocol , please contact us.

                  If it is best to express the device to our company, the development cycle is usually 2 weeks.

                  Tel:  +86-021-58776098 

                  E-mail: support@opcmaster.com   sales@opcmaster.com

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