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                  Home >> Niagara Interface

                  Niagara Interface - SoapClient

                             Product:Shanghai Sunfull Automation provides free Niagara interface - SoapClient
                             Application Field:
                            The release of SoapClient means that Niagara users only need to buy a Sunfull's gateway, and the integration of third party devices can save the cost of a large interface. And the gateway itself supports nearly 200 kinds of drivers which can be used on the Niagara platform. Even if there is a non - standard interface development in the future, development on the gateway can be integrated into the Niagara platform. And SoapClient is very convenient to use, and can also help the customer to save the time of matching points and find the time of failure.

                            Function Description:
                            The SoapClient interface is used in conjunction with Shanghai Sunfull 's gateway, and it can be butted seamlessly with Sunfull's hardware gateway and X2OPC. SoapClient has been developed into Module on the Niagara platform to implement the following functions:
                            1. Support 3 methods: GetStatus, Browse, and GetProperties.
                                A GetStatus method is convenient for users to do fault diagnosis, and query whether the gateway is online. IsRunning attribute works.
                                B, Browse method supports the point table of the automatic search gateway, and searches for the properties of the name, description, and writable to the Niagara platform. (to save the trouble of building a point)
                                C, GetProperties method is used to retrieve the description and read and write attributes of the point.
                            2, SoapClient object itself supports modifying the URL, updating the speed and annotations, and managing all the point tables that come up.
                            3. Each point supports Boolean, integer, long integers, floating-point, and string data types. The point itself is on line with Opc Quality. The number of updates for each point and the number of communication errors are represented by the corresponding attributes.

                            Instruction manual:
                           Put soap.jar under "Niagara\Niagara-3.8.38\modules" under the folder and click "Install Platform Daemon" to restart the Niagara service. The original gateway can do the test, but the original will not get read and write properties and description.

                             Software Captrue:

                  If you have any technical problems, please contact Shanghai Sunfull 's Manager Zhan
                  Tel: +86
                  E-mail: support@opcmaster.com.

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