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                  Home >> BACnet Gateway

                  BAC1022-1U(Data Room)

                            Product Model: BAC1022-1U(Rack-Mounted)

                            Function Description:

                            BAC1022-1U is a hardware Gateway with 1ethernet and 2 RS485 2 RS232. Matching software is X2BACnet . X means all kinds of protocols from different manufacturer. These protocols(X) can be converted by BACnet hardware Gateway into standard BACnetIP /BACnetMSTP. Configured project files by X2BACnet are uploaded to hardware gateway, users can read & write point informations from different manufacturer by BACnet system.
                            1U:BAC1022-1U can bo easily installed to 19 inch cabinet. IT’s shap meets EIA specifications, and thickness is 4.445cm. The frame is provided with a screw hole for fixing the server so that it can be fixed with the screw hole of the server.


                            Application Field:

                            BACnet Gateway can convert all kinds of protocols into BACnet IP/MSTP. BACnet Gateway have solved the problem that some large BA Company can’t connect any
                  uncommon devices. So BACnet system can control uncommon devices by BACnet gateway.

                            BA Controls:

                            Honeywell(EBI、Niagara), Siemens(Insight), Johnson Controls( Metasys), Schneider Electric(TAC)、Delta(ORCAview)etc.

                            Uncommon Devices:

                            PLC、 Air conditioner、 Elevator、 fire control、light control、smart meter、water meter etc.


                            Runtime environment:

                            OS:Windows XP/Win 7/Win8/Win10/Win Server 2003/Win Server2008/Win Vista etc.

                            Browser: IE9(and above) 、Safari、Google Chrome、firefox、Opera etc.


                            Register Type:

                            The BACnet gateway  support the register type and the maximum number of points as follows.         
                            Note: the number of gateway register points is dynamically supported, and the total number of points should not exceed 1024 points (including virtual points).


                             Software Features:

                                -Green software and Free Installation;
                                -close to 200 protocols can be converted into BACnet IP server;
                                -browser, set up and moniter by WEB;
                                -Line convert、fetch bit 、Highbyte & Lobyte convert;
                                -Internal variable can check device online & offline status;
                                -9 Register types (AI、AO、AV、BI、BO、BV、MI、MO、MV);
                                -Friendly software configuration tool,complete 1024 points in 10m;
                                -new Protocol can be completed in 2 weeks;





                      Available Protocols List.pdf

                  If you need to develop a non-standard protocol , please contact us.

                  If it is best to express the device to our company, the development cycle is usually 2 weeks.

                  Tel:  +86-021-58776098 

                  E-mail: support@opcmaster.com   sales@opcmaster.com

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