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                  Home >> OPCBridge


                            Software Feature:
                            -OPCBridge Software solve DCOM configuaration when remote access OPC Server(Disadvantage of Remote access OPCServer:unstable communicaton,not easy to configure DCOM,Not easy to operate).After Install OPC Bridge and OPCServer in same PC, we will transfer OPC server to Modbus Server. Other PC will access Modbus Server, it achieve SCADA( to read and to write OPCServer).
                            -HMI with Linux system access OPCServer in PC by Modbus protocol.To access OPCServer by web with PC or smart mobile phone.

                            Easy to operate and configure.  Visual Basic for logic programming and Support Web access. When exit program, save time log automatic. The software make the OPCServer running when OPCserver closed unexpectedly. Support English and Chinese language in order to operate conveniently.

                            Operation Platform:
                            -Support Windows XP/2000/2003/Win 7/Win8,
                            -WEB with above IE8 version,Opera、Safari of apple、Google Chrome and firefox.

                            Application Fields:
                            -To Solve HMI touch panel access OPCServer.
                            -To solve PLC without Windows system access OPCServer.,for example Linux OS computer, PLC, DCS etc. 
                            -To solve configuration software remote access OPCserver. .such as Citect、IFIX、RSVIEW、WINCC、Kingview、E-control
                            -In Smart home field, to control Electric-drive  curtain, monitoring temperature and humidity etc.


                            Application Principle Diagram 


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